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Welcome to FlowTech, where expertise meets innovation in water drainage solutions. With 20 years of plumbing experience with water drainage, we’re Australian-owned and operated, specialising in top-quality Channel Drain products for residential, commercial, and civil needs. Our team of seasoned plumbers sources and develops cost-effective solutions, making water management easier and more efficient. Choose FlowTech for excellence in drainage, backed by a passion for excellence and a commitment to superior service

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FlowTech’s 20 years of plumbing expertise shine through in successful projects, from flood prevention in homes to enhancing water flow in businesses and supporting civil infrastructure. Explore our success stories to witness our excellence in water drainage solutions.

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Explore the diverse capabilities of FlowTech’s products across various load classes. From pedestrian areas to industrial sites and aircraft pavements, our solutions deliver dependable performance under any demand


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FlowTech’s products exceeded my expectations. They transformed my property’s drainage, making it efficient and hassle-free. I highly recommend their solutions.
I’m incredibly impressed with FlowTech. Their team was professional, and their drainage solutions improved the safety of my commercial space. A fantastic experience!
FlowTech saved the day on my industrial project. Their products are robust and reliable, ensuring smooth operations. I couldn’t be happier with the results.